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I became a psychologist because I care about people and I know that the right treatment can relieve suffering.

I also know most people never get the help they need. I care especially about social anxiety, since this caused me the most pain in my personal life. Overcoming my anxiety has been one of the most meaningful experiences in my life.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve learned that people want somebody who really gets the pain of social anxiety. Not someone who dismisses it as “just being shy” or telling you it’ll get better eventually, or to just “put yourself out there”. I know that when you are suffering, you want somebody who can give you a clear path to success.

Your path to a confident social life.

I want to help you develop the social life you deserve, whether it’s successful public speaking, more close connections, or even becoming the life of the party.

My clients often come to therapy asking:

  • “Why am I so uncomfortable in social situations?”
  • “Will this ever get better?”
  • “How do I make friends or date successfully?”
  • “How can I become calm and confident around people or at work?”
  • “If I know what I should do, why can’t I get myself to try?”

I help by:

  • Figuring out the blueprint that drives your personal social anxiety
  • Identifying the most important components
  • Breaking down these components using cutting edge techniques
  • Bringing in and applying current psychological research
  • Guiding you to successfully pursue the social life you desire
  • Celebrating small victories and learning from struggles
  • Showing you how to emotionally cope with rejection and disappointment
  • Helping you towards authentic self-confidence and natural connections

This is my life’s work–helping others find their path to a confident social life. Now is the time to reach out and get started.

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