Maybe you find yourself:

    • Uncomfortable in social situations 
    • Missing out on relationships you need 
    • Avoiding social events or turning down invitations 
    • Worried about screwing up or making a bad impression 
    • Protected when you do socialize so it’s hard to get to know the real you 
    • Feeling self critical, lonely, regretful 
    • Self conscious and always stuck in your head 
    • Struggling to relax and have fun like other people 
    • Avoiding seeing even people you know well 

How I Help with Social Anxiety

Together, we develop a personalized model of how your social anxiety works. We identify the most important individual mechanisms driving the problem, then we create a plan to break these down one at a time. We usually work on changing where you focus your attention, updating unhelpful thinking, learning new ways of behaving that will accomplish your goals. 

Our overall method will be to help the anxious part of your brain learn that these trigger situations are safe. This means you will no longer feel anxiety.  I use CBT, exposure, as well as metacognitive therapy which research has shown to have the greatest levels of treatment  success in social anxiety. Listen to a sample of my podcast episodes for more of an idea of how I work. 

Take the First Step

Over the last 15 years, I’ve had success helping a lot of people overcome their social anxiety problems and live a richer, more fulfilling life. No matter how long it’s been, you can still make progress. Take a step towards your new life and get started today.

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