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Maybe you find yourself:

  • Afraid of rejection or confrontation
  • Doing more for people than they do for you
  • Not standing up for yourself
  • Agreeing to do things you don’t want
  • Feeling taken advantage of or unappreciated
  • Not sharing your true opinions or feelings
  • Secretly angry, frustrated, or ashamed
  • Putting in a lot of work to get people to like you

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How I Help With People Pleasing

It’s important to admit when people pleasing is a problem. Together, we then identify the components that make it up. We might ask:

  • What are the situations where you commonly fall into people pleasing?
  • What type of people trigger you?
  • What are the series of thoughts and underlying beliefs that encourage you towards people pleasing?
  • What emotions are connected?
  • What would happen if you were more assertive?

When we have a clear model of your people pleasing struggles, we are able to use techniques to break it down. This creates a new, more personally powerful and fulfilling way of responding. We utilize assertiveness training as a framework for acceptable, respectful behavior. We use this in combination with updating the thoughts and feelings that drive the people pleasing behavior.

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You can grow and become more assertive and self-confident. Take your first step forward today.

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