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Maybe you find yourself:

  • Focusing on how anxious you feel – your shaky hands, shaky voice, rapid heart rate 
  • Unable to think of anything to say
  • Worrying that you’ll screw up, and lose everyone’s respect
  • Thinking, “I don’t know enough or I’m not good enough to be up here” 
  • Avoiding looking at people, rushing through what you want to say 
  • Trying to find ways to hide or get out of speaking in front of people 
  • Even considering drinking before you have to perform, just to calm down

How I Help With Public Speaking Anxiety

I’ve treated this many times. Using the latest research, we figure out the particular components driving your anxiety. 

  • Do you focus your attention on yourself while speaking?
  • Do you have performance goals instead of communication goals?
  • Do you avoid speaking opportunities?
  • Are you overestimating the odds something will go wrong and catastrophizing how bad it would be?

Once we have a clear model of your anxiety, we take steps to break it down. Together, we use techniques focused on changing problematic thoughts and attentional focus, as well as using graduated exposure. This helps you reduce anxiety while slowly moving towards your goals. 

Take the First Step

Public speaking anxiety is treatable with the right techniques. I’ve seen the positive results many times.

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