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  • “ You don’t need to continue sitting on the sideline of the dating world. Put your trust in this superb book, full of clear, engaging strategies that are firmly grounded in the latest scientific research. There’s so much reassurance in this book. Let yourself trust Dr. Smithyman’s warm and supportive voice. He’ll show you by his own example and then guide you into action. If you’ll experiment as he suggests, your discoveries will rewrite your story. This is not a competition that you are destined to lose; these are warm social connections that are available to you. You do belong, flaws and all. Grab your courage and step on out. ”

    Reid Wilson, Ph.D., author of Stopping the Noise in Your Head: The New Way to Overcome Anxiety and Worry |

Discover how to overcome social anxiety in dating and form genuine connections that are rooted in authentic self-confidence. This engaging, science-backed blueprint—written by a clinical psychologist—will help you understand your anxiety, work through it, and naturally connect.

Packed with proven strategies, personal stories, distilled research, and examples from his clinical practice, Dr. Thomas Smithyman leads you through the maze of dating-based social anxiety and helps you discover the Warm Social World that awaits.

In Dating Without Fear, you will learn how to:

  • Unwind the beliefs that trigger social anxiety
  • Reduce shame and overcome the fear of rejection
  • Be seen and liked for who you truly are (flaws and all)
  • Let go of worry, rumination, and overthinking
  • Lower performance demands and find ease in social situations
  • Express romantic interest and invite connection

It’s possible to overcome your social anxiety, and it’s possible to date without fear. Connection might be closer than you think.

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