I specialize in treating the following issues.

Social Anxiety

Do you find yourself shutting down when meeting new people? Is it hard to really be yourself in social situations? Or maybe you’re too nervous to take risks at work or speak in front of people. This holds you back from living the life you want. 

Dating Anxiety

You want to connect and date, form satisfying romantic relationships. You know it’s one of the most important things in life. But you get so nervous in dating situations or around people you find attractive that you can’t help but shut down. Or maybe you find excuses and back away to safety, giving up on even trying to meet someone. This often triggers regret and loneliness. 

Social Anxiety In The Workplace

Maybe you experience discomfort speaking up in front of others, offering opinions, or fear stepping into leadership roles and taking on more responsibility. Moving up the ladder usually requires more complicated social interaction and the ability to tolerate more risk. It’s no surprise then that people with social anxiety tend to earn less money and fall behind peers in job advancement.

Public Speaking Anxiety

You get really anxious when a lot of eyes are focused on you. It’s very uncomfortable. Even worse, the anxiety makes it really hard to talk, present, or perform the way you know you can. You find yourself avoiding these opportunities or struggling through them. Often this can mean you don’t move ahead in work or school. 

People Pleasing Anxiety

Being kind and agreeable is a wonderful social skill. But sometimes this can go too far and become “people pleasing.” When it happens, you put others’ needs first. Sometimes it’s appreciated, but often people can take advantage of you. You often end up being less respected and never getting your own needs met.